Grand Connaught Rooms
61-65 Great Queen St

Date & Time: Tuesday 15 April, 19:00

All stars in the universe are powered by nuclear fusion reactions, and, for over 60 years, people have dreamt of recreating fusion on Earth. Bringing star power to Earth would mean having an almost limitless supply of clean, green energy. But the scale of the challenge is huge - fusion reactions can only happen if the fuel is turned into the fourth state of matter, a substance known as plasma. Plasmas are fantastically difficult to control, and can have temperatures hotter than the centre of the Sun.

In a lively mix of demos and explanation, Melanie Windridge and Arthur Turrell talk about what nuclear fusion is, why star power on Earth would be so exciting, and how scientists are closer than ever before to making it happen using some surprising methods - including magnetic fields and giant lasers!

This is a free event but you will need to book a ticket to attend. You will need to bring a print out of your ticket to the event. The talk is suitable for everyone aged 15 and over. To book your place on this event, please click here.

Organiser contact: Lisa.Cornwell@iop.org

Organiser description:
The Institute of Physics organises a public lecture as part of its annual conference on the physics of plasmas. This event is run by the local organising committee for this year's conference, who are based at Imperial College London.